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Industrial Clay Distributor

When it’s time to choose the right Industrial Clay Distributor for your business, you can count on Fortunaty for quality products that will fit your budget. We guarantee you receive only the best quality clays with unique chemical formula and color delivered to you in no time and totally hassle free. 


Order our bulk milled clays for any application that requires high quality, precision and processing. Our white clays & bulk milled clays are renowned for their plasticizing abilities.

Fortunaty offers various clays to suit different customers' needs such as pottery clay, ball clay, ceramic clay and straw bale renderers' clay.

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Industrial Clay Apps

Fortunaty clays are used in dozens of industrial apps:

  • Ceramics: Ball clays are used in many different industries, but in particular form a vital component in ceramic manufacturing. Kaolin ("China Clay") produces a very white colour when it is fired, but used alone it is brittle and weak and must be mixed with ball clay to produce a workable, malleable raw material. As a result of their sedimentary origin, raw ball clays have a wide range of colours, however many of them are valued by the ceramics industry for their white-firing properties, which are determined by the levels of iron and other colouring/fluxing oxides within the clay.

  • Sanitary-ware: A "ceramic body" for sanitary ware typically includes 30% ball clay to provide plasticity and workability, 20% kaolin, 30% feldspar and 20% quartz/silica.

  • Tableware: Ceramic tableware utilizes ball clay to provide high plasticity and a good white-fired colour, combined with kaolin, feldspar and quartz.

  • Wall and floor tiles: Combined with talc, feldspar, quartz/silica and kaolin, ball clays are utilized for their plasticity and bonding properties.

  • Glazes and engobes: Ball clays are also used in the production of coatings for ceramic products to ensure the perfect finish.

  • Refractory clays: An ability to resist the effects of extremely high temperatures makes ball clay ideal for use in refractory products such as kiln insulation and furniture.

  • Construction ceramics: Building materials such as bricks, clay pipes and roof tiles all contain ball clay.

  • Electrical porcelain insulators: You will find ball clays in the electrical porcelain components that provide insulation from high voltage currents.

  • Non-ceramic applications: These include the construction industry; horticulture, agriculture and amenity industries; use as fillers and extenders in polymers, adhesives, plastics, sealants, fertilizers and insecticides.

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Clay Grade Standarts

  • Straw Bale Clay

    Straw bale building offers an exciting and practical technique for building.

  • Ball Clay

    An extremely plastic, fine grained sedimentary clay, which may contain some organic matter. 

  • Pottery Clay

    Pottery is the ceramic act of making pottery wares of which major types include earthenware, stoneware and porcelain.

  • Ceramic Clay

    We have a range of clays for your ceramic needs.

Mineral Clay Comp.jpg

Mineral Composition

The unique mineral composition gives our clays so famous unique 'blue' color what makes it a core element for above apps.

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Services We Offer

We Put Your Needs First

We’re a full service supply company providing our clients with a range of high quality products. Let us supply you with top notch service at a price you can afford.


Guaranteed Precision

 Fortunaty has got everything you need to take care of your company’s requirements and will make sure you receive your order as soon as possible. Normally we approve your order in ten working days. We deliver products in bulk from ukrainian  sea ports.  We are very flexible in terms of delivery  FOB /CIF (Incoterms 2010) to meet your company's requirements. We pride ourselves with the customer service we provide and guarantee you’ll love working with us.



Guaranteed Accuracy

When it comes to our services you can count on Fortunaty to take care of your every need and guarantee you receive your order in no time at all. We track the shipment all way long up to acceptance by the customer. We use just verified respectful international forwarders and insurers.



Guaranteed Satisfaction

You really won’t believe how simple doing business with us really is. The only thing we’ll be needing from you is your is your order. We are at your service M-F 9.30-18.30.  Let us know what we can do for you today. 


Quality Check

Guaranteed Quality

The quality of the Products complies with the specifications ТС U 14.2-34063990-001:2008  and confirmed by the Quality Certificate issued by the Manufacturer. We carefully check quality of our products  from  manufacturing to each stage of delivery by means of certified laboratories or independent surveyor Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS, Geneve).

Scientist in the Lab

About Us

What We Do

From 2010 Fortunaty Business LLP is exclusive distributor of industrial clays from Rusinovski refractory field, Ukraine. We’ll be happy to assist you with any information regarding a specific product or service.

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